The Road to 2050

This captivating and forward-thinking 6-part docu-series produced by The Franklin Institute explores the breakthroughs and innovations that will shape our world in the coming decades.
The Road to 2050
The Franklin Institute
12 Weeks

Post-Supervision, Series Design, Color, and Editorial. All-in-one.

Guided by esteemed experts and cutting-edge research, each episode delves into the realms of sustainable energy, technological advancements, environmental conservation, and societal progress. With stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and a powerful call to action, "The Road to 2050" offers a unique opportunity to engage wonder, spark conversation, and inspire meaningful change on the path toward a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Scientific institutions across the world are acutely aware of the debilitating affects of climate depression.

The immensity of the challenges we face today can be devastating, especially for the youngest among us.


This series was born as a passionate response to any of us who struggle to see a positive future awaiting us in 2050.


We interviewed over 35 emerging technology and thought innovators across the world.

Within 6 months, we've seen over 25,000 organic views on youtube.


Let's make something great.