23K Gold Sound

23K Gold Sound is a short film about art, hi-fidelity audio, and a unique collaboration between 3 exceptional businesses. This is Branded Content for audiophiles, art collectors, and seekers of synesthesia everywhere.
23K Gold Sound
Meridian Audio + Sound Light Designs + GoldLeaf Framemakers
4 Weeks

Branded content.

Branded Content is often thought of as a collaboration of titans. Two industry giants lending their voice, and reach to one another. Yet, there is untapped power in grass-roots connections.

When international hi-fi kings Meridian Audio sent a pair of their latest big ticket speakers to the showroom of a regional design & installation company, it might have just been business as usual…

Until two small business neighbors thought of a clever collaboration, and Meridian Audio sensed an opportunity.


Enter the Audiophile

Mike Rowland of Sound Light Designs in Santa Fe, New Mexicoback in 2007. Since then, he has been the go-to business forhigh-end home lighting and A/V systems in the region. In thattime, he developed a strong relationship with one of hisprinciple suppliers, the acclaimed manufacturer of superior hi-fiaudio systems, Meridian Audio. With Mike opening his newshowroom in downtown Santa Fe, Meridian was pleased tosend a pair of their high-ticket speakers (DSP-5000.2) for himto display — and hopefully generate sales with. Then Mike and his new business neighbor had an idea…

Enter the Master Craftsman

Gilding is an ancient practice. For thousands of years, peoplehave rendered their most precious positions in gold. Masters ofthe craft, the Horowitz family of Goldleaf Framemakers havebuilt a thriving business supplying historic replication pictureframes worldwide.When Mike moved his business into the Goldleaf building, theywere enthusiastic to mark the occasion through a sharedproject. What began as an idea to document a process ofcollaboration became an exceptional example of powerfulbranded content.


What did we do?

We identified a story arch in which the viewer learns about the unique offering of three separate businesses through the shared value of excellence in quality.

Small business collaborations with industry leaders is a relatively untapped well for branded content. Yet, they represent an incredible opportunity for direct-to-customer messaging by impacting on a local level and telling new, compelling stories


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